Among the Myrtle and Broom in the Cork Oak Wood of Bergeggi

Resisting the crystal-clear sea of Bergeggi on a beautiful summer day for a hike can be challenging, but when you know that the breathtaking beauty that awaits you, you might decide that, for once, relaxation can make way for hiking boots.

Equipped with water bottles and sandwiches, we set off from Piazza Torre d’Ere and take a path that traverses gardens with fruit-laden trees, filling the air with a fragrant aroma. We continue our ascent, and after a few steps, the path becomes gentler. In this stretch of road, the scent of vegetation and the chirping of cicadas accompany us. Following the signs to Gola Sant’Elena, we venture into a forest where we finally enjoy some shade. Before our eyes, two tables with benches also appear! We have our lunch in the silence, near an old stone peasant shelter called Teciu.

We continue on the botanical path until we reach the Gola di Sant’Elena, and from there, climbing a path that plunges into the fragrant Mediterranean maquis, we arrive at Monte Sant’Elena, where we find some curious old beach huts: it’s as if a piece of the beach wanted to reach us there, amid olive and oak trees! We continue on a small trail and finally reach the top of the mountain. Here, a breathtaking view of Bergeggi and the entire gulf unfolds before our eyes.

The contrast between the green of the Mediterranean maquis that surrounds us and the deep blue of the sea is beautiful. It makes you want to take a dip! Passing by the remains of Forte Sant’Elena, we cross the beautiful cork oak wood, famous for its ancient and imposing trees. The forest, which also encompasses Forte San Sebastiano, known as the Battery, and the remains of Forte Santo Stefano, slopes down to a clearing. Immersed in the scent of myrtle and broom, we sit on the grass to contemplate the exceptional view of the coast that unfolds before us. With a heavy heart, we begin the journey back, with the desire to return soon to this corner of paradise.