Andersen Run

An eagerly awaited event, especially for the spectacular courses offered in the competitive and non-competitive races, winding through the city centre and the surrounding trails, providing participants with routes for all levels and ages.

In previous editions:

  •  2014 – The Sestri Levante event was born in May 2014 as the opening ceremony of the week of events dedicated to the Andersen Prize. Strongly supported by the Municipality of Sestri Levante, which invested both funds and technical and auxiliary personnel, it initially included a 7-mile competitive and non-competitive race (approximately 10 km) and a Family Run.
  •  2015 – Given the success of this edition, it was decided to add a National-level half marathon and move it to a more suitable period for such distances, namely the first Sunday of October. The edition on October 4, 2015 (called “La mezza tra le baie”) saw many athletes compete in four different types of races: the half marathon (21.097 km), the 7-mile competitive and non-competitive race, and the 5 km Family Run.
  •  2016 – The Half Marathon and the related races have increased this year (in addition to the distances already planned in 2015, a short Trail was added, which was a great success). It’s possible that the types of races will further diversify, offering athletes a variety of distances and techniques to cater to everyone. Nordic Walking athletes might see a race specifically designed for them, and true trail runners might have the option to choose between two different distances and difficulties.
  •  2017 – In this edition, in addition to the confirmation of the races from the previous year, a competitive 22 km trail was added. Within the “10 miglia da favola” (10 fabulous miles), a trophy called “trofeo stelmilit” was introduced, dedicated to the armed forces and law enforcement!
  •  2018 – The 2018 edition confirmed all the races that had become established in previous editions. Long-distance runners raced the trail on Saturday, and the road races took place on Sunday. Emma Linda Quaglia, who finished as the first woman and third overall in the trail competition, participated. On Sunday, the half marathon was joined by the great Giorgio Calcaterra, who ran the half marathon and later led the Family Run. The 2018 edition saw an overall increase in attendance, especially in the non-competitive races.
  •  2019 – Continuing the trend of previous years, the 2019 edition saw an increase in total registrations for the races. The Saturday Trail races almost doubled their registrations. Over 2000 people participated in the races over the two days. Compared to previous editions, there was also a growth in the race village, which allowed everyone to experience it since bibs were distributed at the village rather than in the swimming pool area. The collaboration with various associations and the local community, especially the merchants, who support and tolerate us during these two days of sports, was confirmed. This edition also introduced Fitwalking, a non-competitive sport.
  •  2020 – In 2020, the Andersen Run event was split into two separate events. The second Sunday of February saw the Andersen Trail event, which featured three races of 7, 22, and 35 K, the last with an ITRA score. The Ferarrio races went ahead regularly and were among the last races held before the appearance of CoVid-19. The “road” races in October were cancelled.
  • 2021 – The 2021 edition saw the cancellation of the trail races, Andersen Trail, which were scheduled for the second Sunday of February. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we didn’t feel it was right to organize a race during the most acute phases. However, the “road” races, Andersen Run, took place as usual on the first Sunday of October. The number of participating athletes in the three proposed races confirmed the upward trend in absolute terms, despite the ongoing health emergency. Competitive races were once again included in the national FIDAL calendars, giving more importance to the event. Unfortunately, this year, we couldn’t organize the Family Run, a family race that we love because it colours the centre of Sestri Levante for a couple of hours. We hope to offer it again in the next edition.
  •  2022 – The 2022 edition of the Andersen Trail saw an increase in the number of participants in all races, both competitive and non-competitive. SCARPA joined as a technical sponsor, allowing the event greater visibility on the national and international stage. The winter day with clear skies and pleasant temperatures allowed everyone to fully appreciate the scenic views. Thanks to the volunteers who make the organization of these events possible, everyone ran safely and well-directed. Andersen Run, an event dedicated to road races, took place regularly on October 2, 2022. In this edition, we had the reaffirmation of DIADORA as a technical sponsor, supporting us since last year. This edition saw the return of the Family Run, a race dedicated to families, which brings a river of people to travel the most spectacular part of the course. Competitive races are now included in the national FIDAL calendars and attract athletes from many Italian regions who have grown fond of our never-fast but always exciting course. The Family, thanks to the beautiful day, despite the mandatory stop due to Covid, confirmed the numbers of previous editions.

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