Casella Bike Park

Casella Bike Park, an area dedicated to off-road biking

A facility for bikers on an area of approximately 20,000 square metres of land enclosed by a fence and access gate, easily accessible, away from traffic and smog, surrounded by nature and not far from Genoa. You can reach Casella with the red train of the Ferrovia Genova-Casella, an historic panoramic railway which has some bike carriages available.

The project stems from an idea developed by enthusiasts of the biking world and has matured through years of experience gained from visiting similar facilities already present in Italy and well-developed abroad.

The park aims to teach children, young people, and adults off-road riding skills in a protected environment, with courses and obstacles designed to help them enhance their abilities while respecting their individual technical and athletic preparations.

There are various tracks available: children’s area, cyclocross area, cross country area, pump track area, and an ability area. Special attention is given to projects related to children and young people’s development in mountain biking.

Furthermore, the projects also aim to introduce mountain biking to individuals with disabilities, including children, young people, and adults.