‘Clock Tower’ Route from Levanto to Bonassola

Alongside my lifelong friends, we decided to load our bikes and equipment and embark on the one-hour journey that separates Genoa from Levanto. A chilly morning at 9am, quickly warmed by the sun’s rays.

The route, today known as “Torre dell’Orologio,” is already a classic in the area, combining some of the best trails in Levanto and the hills of Bonassola.

It’s one of those typical days in the Ligurian autumn, so clear that you can almost touch Corsica; the biggest problem of the trip turns out to be the time wasted in taking photos at the panoramic points above Bonassola and during our focaccia breaks.

At the end of the ride, on the beach, sipping a refreshing Menabrea, Igor and I look at each other in amazement at the beauty of the trip, review the photos on our phones, and have one last beach session with our new friends from Levanto. As of today, we’ve added another pin to the map of “must-dos” in the eastern Genoa area. Cheers!