“Dh Uomini”: The Famous Bike Trail in Finale Ligure

Have you been eagerly waiting to take on this legendary Italian trail for a long time? It won’t disappoint you!

Starting with fast, wide, and sweeping turns at the top, where you feel like an MTB star and let yourself be carried away, it then quickly descends into total madness.

Large rocks, deep gullies, changing lines, and a couple of significant elevation drops keep the tension high. Lose concentration for a moment on this section, and you might end up crashing, wondering, “What just happened?”

During my training run in Finale at the 2015 EWS Finals, I got distracted by a friend cheering me on and went past the tape, rolling 10 metres away from my bike. Fortunately, my race went much better, accident-free, but I hit a rock and took a rather shallow line on a segment, dragging myself down, holding onto my bike with all my might!

Dh Uomini is undoubtedly one of those trails that leave a mark, both physically and mentally.

Nine minutes, more or less, of sheer brutality amidst incredible beauty (if you manage to stay on your bike!) set it apart from any trail I’ve ridden before. It offers an insane amount of engaging features, interspersed with traps and risks all the way down to the town.

Since then, I haven’t found anything as exciting when back home. It’s a trail that pushes you so far out of your comfort zone that you have no choice but to ride at your best and utilise your skills to the fullest. The fear you experience in that moment will be rewarded with renewed self-confidence!