From the Historic Centre to the Walls of Genoa

Wandering through the historic centre of Genoa, starting from Piazza De Ferrari and making your way to Principe Station, you come into contact with its splendor, its history, and its social fabric, both ancient and modern.

Via Garibaldi, known as the “street of nobility,” divides ancient Genoa into two parts: the lower part with the medieval historic centre, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the hill of Castelletto.

And what better way to embrace all of this than by viewing it from above? With the Zecca to Righi funicular and the Principe to Granarolo rack railway, you can quickly reach the seventeenth-century walls from the city centre. The “New Walls” were an imposing structure that was intended to protect the Superba (Genoa).

From the silence of the heights, in a single glance, you can read the entire urban history, past, recent, and present. So, looking down on Genoa from above, capturing its long-lasting essence, one might say that Genoese people are rich, profound, and somewhat reserved!

From the walls of Genoa, you can take one of the many paths leading to the external fortifications and immerse yourself in the protected natural area called the Walls Park: 617 hectares encompassing forests, meadows, and Mediterranean shrubland. It’s a place where you can often walk in the sun, choosing the best side, from dawn to dusk, making it an excellent destination even during the winter months.