Horsewatching: discovering the Wild Horses of Aveto

Perhaps not everyone knows that in Liguria, within the area of the Aveto Regional Natural Park, amid pastures and beech forests, there lives a herd of around forty magnificent wild horses.

Thanks to the “WILD HORSEWATCHING – The Wild Horses of Aveto” project, you have the opportunity to observe them in their natural environment, either in the midst of a gallop or peacefully basking in the sunlight.

Together with an experienced guide, you can follow the tracks of the wild horses in the Val d’Aveto through horsewatching excursions, an opportunity not to be missed. Backpack, hiking shoes, eyes wide-open and a camera ready are essential. Add a touch of curiosity and prepare to have an extraordinary experience. You’ll be able to approach, albeit cautiously, genuine equine families that have made Liguria their home. And if you don’t want to miss the magic of the foliage that is casting a veil of purple and gold over the entire park, mark the dates of the upcoming excursions in your calendar.

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