Imperia Limone on an e-bike, along the ancient salt route

Scheduled from August 19th to August 22nd, organised by Monesi Young and UISP, this event offers a journey of discovery into our inland, our history, and the paths that cross the imposing Ligurian Alps along the so-called salt route. Four days immersed in nature, walking along ancient trails, and crossing breathtaking and relatively unknown landscapes.

Here’s the itinerary:


  • Day 1:

Departure from Imperia Oneglia, at Piazza Rossini, in front of the CMP STORE. Lunch break at the Chapel of Monte Acquarone, and arrival in the evening at the base camp at Colle d’Oggia. Dinner and open-air party with event participants and those who wish to join from Imperia (with prior reservation). Overnight stay in tents.


  • Day 2:

Early morning departure from the base camp towards Monte Grande, the Rezzo forest, Colla del Garezzo, and Monte Frontè, eventually reaching the Rifugio La Terza (a managed refuge) at the foot of Monte Saccarello for dinner and overnight stay in the late afternoon. An evening spent admiring chamois, stars, and the valley of Monesi below.


  • Day 3:

Departure from Rifugio La Terza with the destination of Monte Saccarello (2200 metres, the highest peak in Liguria), passing through Tanarello Pass, Monte Missun, and Monte Bertrand. Arrive in the evening at Rifugio Don Barbera (a managed refuge) for a cheerful dinner and a comfortable overnight stay.


  • Day 4:

Early morning departure from Rifugio Don Barbera for the final and enchanting leg of the journey! We will continue through green meadows until we reach the steep descent of Vallone di S. Giovanni, from where we will finally catch sight of our destination… Limone! We’ll have pizza together in the town centre, and from there, the train will take us back to Imperia, filled with fatigue but with our hearts full of beautiful memories!

For information and bookings: Alessandro +39 329 8631702