Landing Docks and Berths

With forty landing docks and over twenty thousand berths, Liguria welcomes all boaters in its marinas. A large network along the entire Ligurian Riviera that is often awarded numerous Blue Flags in the yearly Blue Flag ratings. Check out the 2023 updates.

Il porticciolo di Bordighera
If the boating industry is your passion, you will find the last Italian tourist port before the border of France in the port of Bordighera. There are also boats for whale-watching in the Cetacean Sanctuary, located in the marina. Sanremo Portosole, the heart of the ‘city of flowers’, is one of the largest and most prestigious marinas in the Mediterranean; It is the regular base of numerous mega yachts both private and luxury charter. Portosole has 804 medium-large berths and can accommodate yachts up to 90 meters in length. Visit website >

Sanremo Porto Pubblico
The public port of Sanremo has a body of water measuring 82,500 square meters and a depth ranging from 1 to 4.5 meters. The port, bordered by a long dam with a south-west to north-west course, and a shorter pier is at the exclusive disposal of fishing vessels. Visit website >

Il porto Arma di Taggia
Arma di Taggia is a small paradise of sea and sun. The municipal port is located at the outlet of the Argentina River.

Marina degli Aregai Santo Stefano al Mare

The tourist port of Marina degli Aregai is located in Santo Stefano al Mare, in the province of Imperia, Liguria and has 980 medium-large berths of up to 50 meters.

Marina di San Lorenzo al Mare
The Tourist port of Marina di San Lorenzo is located in San Lorenzo al Mare in the province of Imperia, Liguria. The Marina has 365 berths up to 20 meters in length.

Il porto turistico di Imperia Porto Maurizio
Porto Maurizio is the ‘oldest soul’ of Imperia, a marina that attracts thousands of visitors every two years for the international event of ‘Vele d’Epoca’ (Imperia International Sailing Week)

Il porto di Diano Marina
Recognisable by the bell tower with the red dome, in the centre of the town, with banks on the west shore of the San Pietro River.

Il porticciolo di San Bartolomeo al Mare
San Bartolomeo al Mare has a small marina located about 1m north-east of the port of Diano Marina.

La Marina di Andora

A marina in the city centre, suitable for boaters in sailing boats and motorboats, up to 20m. The port of Marina di Andora, located east of the town, is managed by the Azienda Comunale Multiservizi. Blue Flag awarded since 1975.

La Marina di Alassio – Porto Luca Ferrari
The port of Alassio is located north-east of the city, at the foot of Capo S. Croce; It is protected by a long offshore wall with 3 angles, an internal quay and by an angled breakwater pier.

La Marina di Loano
The port of Loano is protected by a long offshore wall and by a breakwater pier also with a curvilinear system.

La Marina di Capo San Donato – Finale Ligure

The Port of Capo San Donato is located north-east of Finale Ligure and consists of an internal quay and a breakwater pier.

La Vecchia Darsena
La Vecchia Darsena is the beating heart of the port of Savona where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

Il porticciolo Cala Cravieu a Celle Ligure
The village of Celle Ligure is located between Albisola Marina and Varazze; the small port of Cala Cravieusi is located west of Celle Ligure.

La Marina di Varazze
The port of Varazze is located south-east of the town and consists of an outer wall and another wall in between docks and a central platform.

Il porticciolo di Arenzano
The marina is located south-southwest of the town and can be reached in 3 minutes by foot along the promenade. The marina has all the amenities and services in the country, consists of a breakwater of about 350m with direction: N / S and a breakwater pier with direction: E / W. It is also equipped with three fixed piers; the transit service is located in the first section of the breakwater.

La Marina Genova Aeroporto
Genova Airport Marina is a private marina that consists of 500 berths for boats up to 90m in length and is located on entry into the bowl of the Sestri Ponente side, adjacent to the airport dam.

La Marina Porto Antico di Genova
It is ideal both for boaters who want to visit Genoa with a short mooring for transit, and for boaters looking for a safe port where to shelter their boat all year round: the breakwater, the high quality of the structures of the docks and mooring equipment make Marina Porto Antico one of the safest marinas in Liguria.

La Marina Molo Vecchio Genova
Inaugurated in 1997, Marina Molo Vecchio is located in the Porto Antico area of Genoa, one of the most touristic areas of Genoa. Here you will find bars, restaurants, shops, a cinema, a swimming pool, a skating rink in the winter, the famous Aquarium of Genoa and a few steps from the largest historic centre in Europe.

Il porto di Camogli
The port of Camogli managed by the Maritime Authority, is located to the west of the town, and is protected by an external pier with a north-west direction.

La Marina di Portofino
The most famous port in the world, that of Portofino, is situated in the middle of a natural area formed by the inlet of the Bay of Portofino and reaches the Piazzetta del Borgo.

Il porto di Santa Margherita Ligure
The port of Santa Margherita Ligure has developed its tourist vocation to become one of the main landing points for boating excellence; at the moorings and services provided by the Municipality and the various private operators, about 600 boats of different sizes and types can be accommodated: from traditional Ligurian gozzi to fishing boats, from sailboats to large yachts.

Il porto Carlo Riva di Rapallo
Nestled in the Gulf of Tigullio a few miles from Portofino, San Fruttuoso, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portovenere and the 5 Terre; Porto Carlo Riva is a structure dedicated to the most demanding sea lovers.

Il porto pubblico di Rapallo
Located in the middle of the Gulf of Tigullio, Rapallo is nestled between the green coasts of the Portofino area and the rocky cliffs that divide it from Zoagli. The public port, one mile east of Santa Margherita, has transit seats available at the Boate pier.

La Marina di Chiavari
Marina Chiavari has 459 berths, spread over 9 piers and 2 docks, equipped with all the necessary services for the boat.

Il porto di Lavagna
The Port of Lavagna is a small city structure that offers a convenient landing place for tourists who want to visit the beautiful Gulf of Tigullio with several berths available for any type of boats. The marina of Lavagna is located half a mile southeast of Chiavari.

Il porto di Sestri Levante
Two enchanting bays contribute to give a charm to Sestri Levante: the Baia delle Favole to the west and the Baia del Silenzio to the east.

Il porticciolo di Levanto
The landing is located in the eastern part of the inlet, accessible only to medium-small sized boats.

Il porticciolo di Monterosso
The small port of Monterosso consists of an outpost and an internal dock in public concession: boats with little draught access due to the shallow waters.

Il porto di Vernazza
The port of Vernazza consists of a breakwater with direction NNW and a quay pier in the west area (Pontile Ventegà).

Il porticciolo di Porto Venere
The port of Portovenere is enclosed by two piers, respectively 160m (Dondero pier) and 80m (Olivo pier).

Il porticciolo di Marina di Fezzano
The port of Marina di Fezzano is located in the Gulf of La Spezia, in the beautiful natural scenery between Palmaria and the area of Porto Venere.

Il Porticciolo A. De Benedetti a La Spezia
The Marina “A. De Benedetti” is positioned in La Spezia and is located in the mirror of the sea in front of the Morin promenade on the west side.

Il Porto Lotti a La Spezia
Porto Lotti is located a few miles from the Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Lerici and other appealing moorings of the coast making it an ideal starting point for cruises to the Tuscan coast, Corsica and Sardinia.

II Porto di Lerici
The port of Lerici consists of a pier about 250m long that starts from the tip where the castle stands, a stretch of shore and two piers.

Il porto di Ameglia Marina Ar-Nav
The port of Ameglia Marina Ar-Nav is a private dock located on the right bank of the Magra river, the marina also accommodates boats of modest size.

Il porto di Bocca di Magra
The port of Bocca di Magra is located at the mouth of the homonymous Magra River and is located in the Regional Park of Montemarcello. Leaving the Gulf of La Spezia, the marina is located beyond Punta Bianca, the southern end of the Caprione area.