Paddling in the Gulf of Tigullio

Starting from Sestri Levante and its bays, you cross the Gulf of Tigullio with its tourist marinas and the important seaside towns of Lavagna, Chiavari, Rapallo, and Santa Margherita. Beyond the cliffs of S. Anna, towering cliffs overlooking the sea, you reach Lavagna, home to one of the largest tourist ports in the Mediterranean. The town is also famous for its long beaches that attract many sea lovers during the summer.

Continuing beyond the mouth of the Entella River, you will come across Chiavari, one of the most important locations in the Gulf of Tigullio, with its long sandy coastline and a very picturesque historic centre.

Note the sea is crystal clear towards Rapallo, with a rocky and rugged coastline, particularly striking in Zoagli until you reach the unmistakable silhouette of Rapallo’s Castle by the sea. Beyond the promenade, passing the tourist marina, you encounter the bay of San Michele di Pagana with its beautiful beach, surrounded by luxurious villas with gardens.

The arrival is in the charming Santa Margherita Ligure, rich in glamour and charm. You enter its small bay until you reach the beach to rest before spending the evening in the historic centre filled with bars and restaurants.