Sailing to the Pearl of Tigullio

Departing from the tourist harbour of Chiavari, we sail towards Genoa through a succession of wonderful coves such as the Gulf of Rapallo, the bay of Santa Margherita Ligure, and Paraggi. Beautiful, equipped beaches and small harbours where ferries, fishing boats, and yachts are docked. Small and large cities on the Riviera, with a world-famous gem: Portofino.

The world’s most famous marina, Portofino, is nestled in the middle of a natural area formed by the bay of Portofino which extends to the Piazzetta of the village. Here, the sea reflects the colours of the houses, the sky, and the vegetation; it hosts yachts, boats, and ferries that arrive and depart. The entire area is part of the Regional Nature Park of Portofino. Paths within the park allow you to reach scenic places such as the Valley of the Mills, Punta Chiappa, San Fruttuoso, the Batteries, the Tubi Trail, and many other locations.

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