The e-bike tour to Colla San Giacomo

I had wanted to try the trails in Finalese for a long time, but I was always a bit intimidated. Reading various descriptions of the routes online, I got the impression that to do Mountain Biking in Finale, I had to be a highly trained cyclist with advanced technical skills.

However, I quickly realised that such a reputation only stemmed from the mythical aura that many trails used for prestigious competitions here have gained over the years. Around those trails, there are many other routes accessible to everyone.

My girlfriend and I love going on bike excursions, but our work life doesn’t allow us to maintain a consistent training routine. That’s why, since we got an e-bike, we’ve been able to embark on fantastic cycling adventures, even covering many kilometres. We’ve seen many interesting places, but in Finalese, we discovered a truly different dimension.

After having breakfast right on the waterfront, we head towards the mountains and quickly leave behind the salty taste of the beach to savour the strong scent of the Mediterranean scrub.

The landscapes change continuously, first passing through some small countryside villages before entering the woods, where, as we ascend, we can admire the coast from various viewpoints.

It’s autumn, the weather is warm, and we reach almost a thousand metres in short sleeves. We arrive peacefully at Loc. San Giacomo, where we can have a picnic on a large flower-filled meadow. It almost seems surreal to see the red leaves falling from the trees while we enjoy a climate that feels almost like summer. We truly fall in love with this tranquillity, with this silence immersed in the greenery.

We discover an incredible Finalese, full of nature-immersed routes that are accessible to everyone. We decide to return often to recharge our inner batteries, by which I mean our sense of peace and serenity.