Alassio: the city of lovers. Wedding proposal on the Muretto

Inside an inlet between Capo Mele and Capo Santa Croce, Alassio stretches along the coast of the West Coast Riviera.

Being considered one of the most popular and fashionable seaside resorts among tourists in northern Italy, this town will give your wedding a glamorous and worldly touch.

Alassio is the beating heart of the West Coast Riviera and it is associated with nightlife and fun. It will offer a viable alternative for couples in love looking for a dynamic, modern and innovative wedding ceremony. You can exchange sweet kisses by the sea or gaze passionately into each other’s eyes while sitting at sunset on Alassio’s famous Muretto, the undisputed symbol of the town.

The Muretto is a real institution for lovers: it was built during the 1950s based on the design of Mario Berrino, owner of Caffè Roma, one of the city’s historic cafés. The Muretto was built right in front of the venue and was decorated with coloured tiles – autographed by important figures from the world of culture, art and entertainment – and the famous statue of lovers. Among the numerous autographs of actors, singers and celebrities, there is also the signature of American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway, a frequent visitor to the town.

In the city centre, you can also treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation strolling hand in hand with your loved one along the narrow streets of the so-called “Budello“, the famous shopping street full of elegant boutiques, shops and local craft workshops. If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot miss the exquisite typical sweets, the Baci di Alassio, which will sweeten your romantic stay even more.

In Alassio you can find the most suitable location for an intimate and elegant wedding, immersed in a unique and exclusive atmosphere that will transform your ceremony into a grand event.