Bussana Vecchia: the romantic charm of an enchanted place

Just eight kilometres away from Sanremo is a fascinating and poetic place: Bussana Vecchia.

The town is an ancient village that was abandoned for almost one century and finally repopulated thanks to the intuition of some artists who saw their city of utopia here.

Bussana Vecchia is a village made of stones, chosen by artists from all over Europe to bring new beauty to the far Western Liguria. This is why the village will be like a film set for your wedding: after all, how many other places exist like this little village in the province of Imperia town, where the old church has the whole sky as its roof and where the ideas of poets and artists find refuge?

The stone walls and streets, the ivy climbing up the walls, the sun shining through the narrow streets and winding paths up to the village tell of a unique, radiant Bussana Vecchia, with a decadent charm suspended between the past and the present: first abandoned and forgotten, then returned to new life; today this phoenix-like Arab is a romantic gem amidst the green woods and the blue Ligurian Sea.

The story that Bussana Vecchia passes on to young couples in love is that of an enchanted and unreal place, a utopia that became reality thanks to the dream of artists: an ideal place, a village of artists from which to start your love story and with which you will fall in love at first sight!

Near Bussana Vecchia you can then visit another gem of Western Liguria: Sanremo, the city of flowers, the city of the Casino and the music Festival, the fifth largest town in the region, will amaze you with its beauty and vitality.