Ligurian handicrafts, the ideal gift for your wedding

On your most important day, offer to your guests and friends the products of the Ligurian handicrafts and they will never forget it!

Your wedding in Liguria will be unforgettable: you will be thrilled by the landscapes and beauty of the area and by the quality and goodness of its food and wine tradition, but you will be even more amazed by what Liguria’s varied handicraft production – resulting from a universally recognised ancient history of prestige and exCelle townnce – will offer you.

Take, for example, the beautiful ceramics of Albisola, Celle town, Savona: the colours white and blue mixed together characterize a tradition handed down over the centuries from generation to generation, from tale to tale.

Think of the goldsmith’s art of the many Ligurian workshops that work the noblest materials, creating precious jewellery in all shapes and forms, or of the artists who create to the famous Campoligure filigree by weaving fine silver threads.

Some craft traditions are very old: in Zoagli, velvet has been worked for centuries, just as in Lorsica, where the art of weaving precious damask fabrics has been handed down since the 16th century, made just as it was then, with ancient wooden looms.

Slate processing is another major quality production of the Val Fontanabuona, an inland valley between Genoa and Chiavari, where they quarry and process the precious black stone that can be used in a thousand ways in architecture, design and objects.

Liguria also boasts an ancient manufacturing tradition in the production of wrought iron and leather processing. In Western Liguria, the handicraft tradition is surprising also for the quality of the master glass makers of the Savona area and for the splendid floral compositions of the Riviera dei Fiori.

Liguria also stands out in the clothing and accessories sector, with handicraft enterprises that rely on quality and refinement. In Liguria you will find all kinds of ideas for your cadeau and your quality party favours and strictly made in Italy!