Portofino: the perfect place to ask for her hand in marriage

Portofino is a famous place, known throughout the world and as precious as a diamond.

Portofino is a natural harbour where the tall pastel-coloured houses and the green of the park are reflected in an azure sea, setting the stage for an enchanted village that everyone falls in love with.

All around, the villas overlooking the sea frame a unique landscape where romance is at home: in the Piazzetta, among the chic shops, restaurants and bistros, you will find yourself in a place that seems designed especially for lovers.

The ancient Portus Delphini, once a safe harbour for ships on their way to Genoa, mentioned by the Latin historian Pliny, is today a solid landing place for lovers in Liguria, for all those who love such a charming place and want to give their wedding a touch of glamour.

Close to Genoa, a stone’s throw from Camogli and the splendid San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, Portofino is a symbol for all lovers. The village is dominated by Castello Brown, a 15th century Genoese castle converted into a private residence, an exclusive venue for ceremonies and weddings. From the top, the view of the Piazzetta really takes your breath away.

The beauty of Portofino can be savoured by strolling through its narrow streets, among the elegant boutiques of major international fashion brands and art galleries, as well as by walking along paths amidst the greenery of the Portofino Regional Natural Park, a protected area since 1935, rich in biodiversity and natural beauty to be admired and enjoyed wearing a pair of hiking boots.

Walking among the park’s olive and pine trees, you can head towards the end of the promontory, up to the lighthouse at punta del capo, or towards Portofino Vetta, from the top of which you can admire a breathtaking panorama and declare eternal love to your sweetheart.