Promise of love in Dolceacqua. An enchanted place to experience love.

Suspended in time, between past and present, the small medieval village of Dolceacqua is nestled in the hills of western Liguria.

This small, picturesque town will immediately reveal its unique charm with its narrow, winding alleys known as “caruggi” that climb up the mountain, its romantic walks along the salt road or along the medieval bridge that welcomes visitors at the entrance to the town. Don’t miss the breathtaking view from the top of the Doria Castle, which dominates the hill and guards stories of ancient struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines.

Dolceacqua is a labyrinth of narrow streets and treasures waiting to be discovered. Getting lost in its narrow streets and historical workshops will be an unforgettable and fascinating experience for young couples in love.

You can admire the ancient stone portals of the palaces, the works of art and frescoes in its churches, strolling hand in hand, or let yourself be enchanted by the views of the village that stole the heart even of the famous French Impressionist Claude Monet, who depicted the romantic village in some of his paintings.

Dolceacqua is also synonymous with mystery and there are numerous legends linked to these places. Such as the story of Lucrezia, the beautiful daughter of the baker, whose ghost seems to be still roaming the village streets after she was imprisoned and sentenced to death for refusing the flattery of a member of the Doria family, or the legend of the wicked witch Saga who allegedly haunted her fellow citizens with spells, potions and curses.

Poised between stories of the past and local culture, you will be enraptured by a wide range of places to visit, and you will also be tempted by the products of the local cuisine, such as “michette”, the traditional sweets of the village, “brandacujun”, a Ligurian dish made with potatoes and salted codfish, or “Rossese di Dolceacqua”, one of the Ligurian wines par exCelle townnce, also mentioned by Italo Calvino in the pages of “The Baron in the Trees”.

Dolceacqua will leave you with unforgettable memories: an enchanted place in the heart of the Ligurian hinterland in which and with which to fall in love.