San Fruttuoso Abbey: a romantic spot in an enchanted bay in the Ligurian Sea

There are only two ways to reach San Fruttuoso Abbey: on foot or by sea.

In both cases, the effect is assured and the astonishment will soon give way to the desire to stay in this romantic oasis surrounded by nature between the blue Ligurian Sea and the green Portofino Park.

Everything here is as it was centuries ago: other rhythms, other landscapes. There is no better place to hold hands and spend a few hours away from the world, without cars and without hurry, in the company of only your loved one, the sound of the sea waves and the fishermen’s boats in the distance.

Here on the beach stands the ancient medieval abbey built far away from everyone and everything to preserve the remains of San Fruttuoso, guarded for centuries by the noble Doria family and currently a property protected by the FAI. In front of the abbey there is a small pebble beach, and behind it paths and walks reaching the other enchanted corners of the park and the other small creeks around the abbey. Then, only the sea, the boats and the famous “Christ of the Abyss” who from the depths of the sea watches over men of all nations.

In this enchanted corner of the world, you can eat in one of the restaurants serving Ligurian and seafood specialities overlooking the beach, providing also accommodation in the silence of the bay, where you can listening only to the sound of the sea and birds.

You can return to Camogli on the last ferry at sunset time and leave behind you the empty beach, the ancient abbey, the backdrop of a painting that will remain etched in your memory forever.

From the Doria Tower, behind the ancient abbey, you can enjoy a splendid panorama, and seal your vows with a kiss.

Your love will find inspiration and peace in the serenity that this hidden corner of the world knows how to give to its jealous guardians: here, in the silence of the San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte bay, lovers have always exchanged sweet promises of love and endless kisses.