Falling in love in Cervo: a stage between sea and sky

Cervo is an enchanting medieval village in Western Liguria, perched on a steep slope that seems to plunge into the sea. It is full of intriguing alleys that climb up to the ancient castle from where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Ligurian Sea.

Going up through the so called creuze, cobbled streets that lead from the beach to the top of the town, you will encounter on your way all the best that Liguria has to offer to couples in love: breathtaking views, the typical colours of Ligurian houses, shops and restaurants that offer unique experiences of taste and flavour.

If you choose to get married here, the parish church of San Giovanni Battista – one of the most representative Ligurian Baroque churches – will be an ideal setting, rich in 17th-century decorations and friezes, with a marvellous, wide churchyard overlooking the sea. Here you can exchange vows and swear eternal love by looking into each other’s eyes and sealing your pact of love. The church is called “dei corallini” (of the coral gatherers) because in ancient times it was built and embellished thanks to the contribution of those inhabitants of Cervo who worked as coral gatherers and left from Cervo for the seas of Corsica and Sardinia.

The former Romanesque oratory of Santa Caterina, located in the centre of the village, is also worth a visit.

But Cervo is also synonymous with an extraordinary food and wine culture, with its olive groves from which a fine extra virgin olive oil is made, rigorously cold pressed, and its vineyards for the production of Pigato and Vermentino wines.

You can enjoy these delicacies during a romantic candlelight dinner with your sweetheart.
This town is also a lively cultural centre and is characterised by its many interesting initiatives such as international music and literature festivals, the International Chamber Music Festival and the Literary Prize Cervo ti Strega that dominate the town’s summer cultural scene.

If you choose this charming village, suspended between the sea and the sky, you will ensure an unforgettable setting for your wedding.