The Befana Arrives in Liguria: what to do on January 6th

Every year, it’s known, the arrival of Epiphany takes away all the festivities! However, the Befana in Liguria has its own style, with parades, markets, workshops, and many events from East to West suitable for all tastes. Here are some of the many “Befane” around Liguria. 

Imperia and surrounding

A Bordighera, la magia dell’Albero Parlante
Fino al 6 gennaio a Bordighera Alta, sulla Spianata del Capo “Scibretta”, un grande albero monumentale racconta storie ai bambini. Il 6 e 7 gennaio Melodie nelle vie.

In Bordighera, the magic of the Talking Tree: Until January 6th in Bordighera Alta, on the Spianata del Capo “Scibretta,” a large monumental tree tells stories to children. On January 6th and 7th, Melodies in the streets. 

Strefana Festival in Triora 
Like any self-respecting witch village, the evocative and eerie village of Triora awaits both young and old to celebrate the Witch Befana. The day will start at 10:30 at the Town Hall with a thrilling trek to discover the territory, while from 2 to 5 PM, the mysterious Strefana will arrive at the market square to bring the traditional “Turun” to the children. This will be followed by outdoor workshops, performances, children’s face painting, and an unmissable treasure hunt through the village streets. The day will conclude with two significant cultural conferences at 4 PM and 5 PM in Palazzo Stella, bringing the Epiphany celebration in Triora to a splendid close. 

The Magical Befana in Dolceacqua 
Dolceacqua, the picturesque village of Rossese, is ready to celebrate Epiphany with a magical event in the Multipurpose Hall of Piazzale San Filippo. The Befana awaits the little ones with sweets, performances, and magic tricks from 4 to 6 PM, inviting the adults to participate in the highly anticipated award ceremony of the Presepiando Festival.” 

In Sanremo, songs and parades for the Befana!
Saturday 6th January
“Fantastic Day… The Befana is Coming,” at 3:00 PM in Piazza Borea d’Olmo, entertainment for children. 
Sunday 7th
Musical Parade of the Folk Band 
“Singing and Shoe-Shining,” at 5:00 PM in the City Center. 

In San Bartolomeo al Mare, the Befana arrives by kayak
On January 6th at 11:00 AM at the Molo fondo via della Resistenza in San Bartolomeo al Mare, there is “Waiting for the Befana,” a cheerful costume parade with the Alassio Music Band. Following that, there will be musical entertainment with Paolo Bianco. 
11:00 AM: Nativity Scenes in the 500s (organised by Club 500 Golfo Dianese). 

San Bartolomeo al Mare: la Befana viene in kayak
San Bartolomeo al Mare: The Befana in Kayak

Savona and surrounding

In Andora, the Befana comes from the Sea 
A historic event with “La Befana vien dal mare,” organised by Circolo Nautico Andora at the Tourist Port starting from 10:30 AM. 

In Laigueglia, “La Befana e il suo sacco colmo di…” 
January 6th: central pier 

The Befanas meet the children in the village of Laigueglia. 
12:00 PM, distribution of sweets and gifts to children by Pro Loco Laigueglia APS. 

Alassio: Epiphany of the Diver 
January 6th: Pontile Bestoso 
Friendly Befanas meet children before diving into the sea of Alassio, starting from 10:30 AM. 
Until January 7, 2024, in Piazza Matteotti, there is the “Casetta della Befana.” 

Befana dal Mare ad Alassio
Befana of the Sea in Alassio

Dinô da Nùxe in Finalborgo
In Finale Ligure, on January 6th, make an appointment with the Middle Ages. 
Medieval costume reenactment in Finalborgo during the days of Befana, a historical moment of the ancient Marchesato dei del Carretto: the “Dinô da Nùxe,” the gift of the bag of walnuts, the “Dinô da nùxe,” from Marchese Giovanni, organised by the “Centro storico del Finale” association and sponsored by the Municipality of Finale Ligure. 

Savona: XLVIII edition of “Presepi nell’arte della Ceramica” 
Until January 6th, exhibition open from Thursday to Sunday at the Torre del Brandale in Savona. 
Organised by Ass. A Campanassa. 

Varazze on Ice for the Befana 
here is an ice skating rink in Piazza Bovani up until January 7th 2024.

Genova and surrounding

Arenzano: the Magi chase the Star 
On January 6th, from 4:00 PM in Via Bocca in Arenzano, the Three Wise Men chase the Comet Star. Entertainment and animations for children. 

Genoa Sturla: the historic Befana Challenge
Saturday, January 6th, at 11:30 AM, the traditional Befana Challenge organised by Sportiva Sturla.   

Befana Bingo in San Rocco di Camogli 
On Friday, January 5th, 2024, at 8:30 PM in San Rocco di Camogli, at Teatrino San Nicola, the legendary Befana Bingo organised by the “Associazione Valorizzazione Turistica di San Rocco di Camogli APS” with the patronage of the Municipality of Camogli. Reserve your spot to participate! Call 338 5948505 or email

In Rapallo, Xmas Christmas Celebration 
Until January 7th, enjoy music, lights, songs, street artists, artisans, pastry chefs, Santa Clauses, Witches, theatrical performances, and luminous parades. 
On January 6th at 10 AM at the Kiosk, the Befana of the Rapallo Amateur Fishermen’s Circle.

In Santa Margherita Ligure, the Befana comes from the Sea 
On Saturday, January 6th, from 10 AM at the entrance of the port, “La Befana vien dal Mare,” organised by Croce Verde SML. In the afternoon, from 4 PM at Villa Durazzo, a concert by the Duo di Perugia and a joyful Befana. 

In Chiavari, the Befana arrives 
On Friday, January 6th, the Befana arrives in Piazza Mazzini, starting from 3:30 PM with ‘baby dance’, face painting, and candy distribution. 

Live Nativity Scene in Pontori in Val Graveglia 
In Val Graveglia, on January 6th, the traditional Live Nativity Scene is held, set in a different village of the valley each year. This year it will be in Pontori, with a free shuttle bus from Loc. Chiesanuova di Ne starting from 1:30 PM. 

In Santo Stefano d’Aveto, the Befana flies 
On January 6th at 3 PM, the Befana will arrive in Santo Stefano d’Aveto in Piazza del Popolo on her flying broomstick. The meeting is in the square in front of the Castle, with fun and lots of sweets for children. At 5:30 PM, the La Contrada Choir will perform in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Concert “Canti dai monti,” an hour of serenity with mountain songs and original music. 

Santo Stefano d'Aveto: Castello Malaspina Fieschi Doria.
Santo Stefano d’Aveto: Malaspina Fieschi Doria Castle

In Zoagli, Santa Claus’ living room 
Until January 6th, from 3 PM to 7 PM, Santa Claus’ Living Room and Nativity Scene exhibition. 

La Spezia and surrounding

Befana in Spezia
On Saturday, January 6th, at 4 PM in Piazza Brin, the Befana will distribute a sock and many smiles to every child. 

Epifania a Manarola
To bid farewell to the Christmas festivities, the Nativity Scene of Manarola awaits you for an unmissable tour through the vineyards of Volastra, the terraces overlooking the sea, and the panoramic point of Corniolo. The appointment is on Saturday, January 6, 2024, at 12:30 PM at the railway station of the colorful village of Cinque Terre, with mandatory reservation via email or WhatsApp. 

Befana and Puppets in Sarzana 
Puppet theatre on Saturday, January 6, starting at 3 PM in Piazza Luni, organised by Tourism Factory in collaboration with the Petali di Stelle Association. 

In Lerici, the Befana arrives in all the hamlets
On Saturday, January 6th, in Lerici, the Befana visits all the hamlets of the Municipality: 

Tellaro, Piazza Rainusso – 11 AM – In collaboration with US Tellaro 

In collaboration with P.A. Lerici: 

La Serra, Pugliola, Pozzuolo, Muggiano – From 10 AM: 

Lerici, Piazza Garibaldi – 12 PM 

San Terenzo, Piazza Brusacà – 2:30 PM 

Followed by the Itinerant Puzzle of the Befana with Abygaille. 

Organised by the Department of Childhood Policies. 

Natale Subacqueo a Tellaro
Christmas dive in Tellaro