The Sanremo Festival 2024

The festival will be held from the 6th to the 10th of February, 2024. Here are the headliners, co-hosts, and some tips to maximise your experience.

The 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival is from February 6 to 10, 2024, Italy will be captivated by the grand music event. You can follow the show journey on TV and social media.

All the details and tips below; don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Big names in the competition

Sanremo, i co-conduttori 2024 (
Sanremo 2024 hosts (

Amadeus revealed the list of 30 big artists competing on the Ariston stage: Fiorella Mannoia, Geolier, Dargen D’Amico, Emma, Fred De Palma, Angelina Mango, La Sad, Diodato, Il Tre, Renga and Nek, Sangiovanni, Alfa and Il Volo, Alessandra Amoroso, Gazzelle, Negramaro, Irama, Rose Villain, Mahmood, Loredana Bertè, The Kolors, Big Mama, Ghali, Annalisa, Mr Rain, Maninni, Ricchi e Poveri. Liguria will be well represented by Annalisa, Alfa, and the comeback of Ricchi e Poveri. The festival, hosted and directed by Amadeus for the fifth time, featured Marco Mengoni on the first night, Giorgia on Wednesday, Teresa Mannino on Thursday, Lorella Cuccarini on Friday, and the finale with Fiorello. Giovanni Allevi was a guest on the second night, and Roberto Bolle will be a guest on the last night. The Ariston’s stage design was created by Gaetano and Chiara Castelli again this year.

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The singers and the songs for Sanremo 2024

The lineup for the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival:. Clara, I Santi Francesi, and BNKR44 will join the other 27 artists in the competition. Here are the singers and their chosen songs this year: Ghali with ‘Casa mia,’ Alessandra Amoroso with ‘Fino a qui,’ Gazzelle with ‘Tutto qui,’ I Ricchi e Poveri with ‘Ma non tutta la vita,’ Dargen D’Amico with ‘Onda Alta,’ Angelina Mango with ‘La noia,’ Fred De Palma with ‘Il Cielo Non Ci Vuole,’ Fiorella Mannoia with ‘Mariposa,’ Loredana Bertè with ‘Pazza,’ Mr Rain with ‘Due Altalene,’ Geolier with ‘Io p’ me, tu p’ te,’ Negramaro with ‘Ricominciamo tutto,’ Rose Villain with ‘Click Boom!,’ Mahmood with ‘Tuta gold,’ Diodato with ‘Ti muovi,’ Annalisa with ‘Sinceramente,’ Il Volo with ‘Capolavoro,’ Emma with ‘Apnea,’ Renga and Nek with ‘Pazzo di te,’ La Sad with ‘Autodistruttivo,’ Irama with ‘Tu no,’ Big Mama with ‘La rabbia non ti basta,’ Sangiovanni with ‘Finiscimi,’ Il Tre with ‘Fragili,’ Alpha with ‘Vai,’ Maninni with ‘Spettacolare,’ Clara with ‘Diamanti Grezzi,’ I Santi Francesi with ‘L’Amore in bocca,’ and BNKR44 with ‘Governo Punk.’

History of the Sanremo Festival

Nilla Pizzi al Festival di Sanremo 1951
Nilla Pizzi at The Sanremo Festival in 1951

If you want to know more about the festival, start by informing yourself on its interesting, extensive history. Born in 1951, the Sanremo Festival, closely accompanying Italian history from post-war to today, has often reflected Italian society, year by year. Nilla Pizzi, an Italian singer whose fame is largely thanks to her success at the first few editions of Sanremo Festival, set an unbeatable record of winning 1st,2nd and 3rd place in the the 1952 competition.

Today, the festival is known worldwide and brings a large spotlight onto Italian music; it is a week of pride for Italy in showing off its best current artists. As for the famous slogan, ‘sanremo is sanremo’ – anything goes!


Places to find the VIP’s

Adriano Celentano. Festival 1961
Adriano Celentano performing at The Sanremo Festival in 1961

As for the VIPs, singers, actors, musicians, comedians, models—some would do anything for an autograph, a handshake, let alone a selfie with one of their idols. But where do VIPs hide in Sanremo? Where can you find them? Here are the Sanremo locations for the VIP Hunt! (please note this article is in Italian, search translation options on your browser)

Scandals and gossip of the famous festival

Teatro Ariston, via Matteotti
The Ariston Theatre, via Matteotti, Sanremo city

Scandals and gossip have always surrounded the Sanremo Festival. With love affairs, quarrels, daring looks, provocations, and controversies, the festival has consistently been fueled by anecdotes and scandals. These events are destined to leave their mark, for better or worse, on the history of television, music, and culture. Here, briefly, is a small overview of the scandals in Sanremo. (please note this article is in Italian, search translation options on your browser)

What to eat during the Sanremo Festival week?

La sardenaira

If you’re in Sanremo during the festival, don’t miss a piece of Sardenaira, the typical “focaccia” of Sanremo and the Ligurian far west. Made with few ingredients, it represents a true and unparalleled celebration of taste. Besides being an ancient dish and a tradition of the Western Liguria, it’s perfect for the festival’s street food scene, amidst concerts, VIP hunting, and catwalks.