Ligurian food and drink: falling in love with fine Ligurian cuisine

Where can we start when talking about Ligurian cuisine and the flavours of the Ligurian sea and mountains? From the landscape!

Inventing a romantic dinner in Liguria is easy: breathtaking views and sea terraces abound from the East to the West. To celebrate your love, you can choose enchanted and timeless places for your wedding, such as castles or fortresses overlooking the sea, or ancient palaces once belonging to princes and dukes: these places will be the ideal backdrop for your most important day in which to make your greatest dream come true.

The rest of the magic will be accomplished by tasting the great Ligurian culinary tradition, a cuisine characterized by Mediterranean flavours as well as by the scents of the forests of its hinterland, enriching the dishes you will savour with all the spirit of a land nestled between sea and mountains.

Ligurian cuisine encapsulates the spirit of this land, seeking a balance between products obtained from the sea and those wrested from a land that is difficult to work, impervious and fragile, modified by the hard work of the farmers who over the centuries have made it productive and fertile thanks to the terracing that characterises the Ligurian territory.

This is how the fine white and red wines of our land or the delicate extra virgin olive oil from our hills are obtained. Ligurian cuisine, however, is also a cuisine that smells of travel, first going around the world with sailors and travellers and then returning to its ports of origin, rich in those contaminations that still today are linked to the flavours of our cuisine: think of brandacujun or stoccafisso accomodato made with cod fish caught in Northern Europe, or of pandolce itself, a typical Ligurian cake, rich in raisins and candied fruit originating in the East.

On top of that, we cannot forget the more hidden specialities, such as the delicate rose syrup that can be used in a thousand ways and orange blossom water to enrich every dessert with Ligurian aroma.

So, let your senses indulge in the seductive ingredients of Ligurian cuisine, the flavour of basil and pesto alla Genovese or walnut sauce, the delicious chickpea farinata or Recco focaccia with cheese, and let yourself be carried away on a journey of tastes and flavours that will leave you speechless!

Il Pesto e la Liguria