History in the Square

“History in the Square” returns from March 14th to 17th, 2024, at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, dedicated to history.

The theme of the thirteenth edition of ‘History in the Square’ will be “Book and Freedom.” The event will take place, as always, at Palazzo Ducale, in the heart of Genoa, with four days available from March 14th to 17th. The Genoese event is one of the national reference festivals on historical topics not reserved for specialists.

History in the square: conferences and concerts

The event is condensed into four days filled with free offerings: over 100 conferences, interviews, performances, concerts, workshops, and activities for schools, as well as exhibitions, all revolving around the chosen theme. As every year, there will be stations for the sale of volumes presented at each event.

La Storia in Piazza
History in the square

“Book and Freedom”

Genoa, the Italian capital of the book, has dictated the theme of this edition, curated by Luciano Canfora. The history of books is, to a large extent, the history of their destruction. Not only the destruction, partly remediable, due to accidental mishaps, but also the destruction that men, consciously and sterilely, carry out to erase a thought or even the thought itself. The history of censorship is therefore a history of crimes and failures. But there is also another story, not innocent either. It is the attempt to impose a single book as the holder of truth: a book that sometimes explicitly condemns all others.

Luciano Canfora
Luciano Canfora

Storia in Piazza


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