In the land of cribs

The cribs of Liguria are a sight to behold.

Genoa, for example, offers grandiose nativity scenes that are often true works of art from the 18th-century school, such as the one in the Santuario della Madonnetta, or the famous nativity scene at the Oratory of Saint Bartholomew.

Also the sacred representation set up in the convent of the Brignoline Sisters in Via Bracelli, with Neapolitan figures from the 17th century, is quite famous. And also the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces in Voltri, with several dozen statuettes from the school of Maragliano.

Around the hinterland, one of the most fascinating nativity scenes is that of Pentema, with the Nativity scene set up throughout the village in life-size and with a faithful reconstruction of local traditions and ancient furnishings. Equally well known is the mechanised nativity scene in Masone.

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