Sa(n)remo Readers: Culture and Writers at Villa Nobel

Unique encounters with Sa(n)remo Readers at Villa Nobel in Sanremo from December 3rd, 2023, to March 9th, 2024.

Villa Nobel, the elegant and imposing Moorish-style house of Alfred Nobel in Sanremo, reaffirms itself as a place of beauty, art, and culture with Sa(n)remo Readers, a series of literary meetings featuring some of the most prestigious names in contemporary literature. From December 3, 2023, to March 9, 2024, there will be 8 meetings covering diverse themes, interspersed with music by the musicians of Liceo Cassini. 

The Review

The event, created and curated by Professor Francesca Rotta Gentile (literature teacher at Istituto Cassini) and promoted by the cultural assessor of the Municipality of Sanremo, Silvana Ormea, involves the participation of students from various institutes. Reading “books” with the certainty of meeting their authors opens a sincere and constructive dialogue between teachers and students, stimulates reflections, and allows the experimentation of participatory methodologies in line with the idea of orientative teaching. 

The Programme

The programme covers topics from Greek mythology and literature to science with Rita Levi-Montalcini (with the famous Nobel laureate’s granddaughter), touching on “My Brilliant Friend” by Svevo and Joyce, “The Museum of the World of Women,” “The Experience of the Arminuta,” and the presence of finalists and winners of the Strega Prize. The aim of the meetings is to inspire young generations to engage with these texts. 

Sa(n)remo Lettori rassegna di incontri a Villa Nobel a Sanremo
Sa(n)remo writers review in Sanremo

Alfred’s Villa in Sanremo

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the Nobel Prize, the world’s most important literary and scientific recognition, lived in Sanremo. His splendid villa, surrounded by a beautiful 6000 square metre park with various rare plants, is structured on three floors. The basement houses Nobel’s laboratory with photographs illustrating the history and technique of his main experiments, various instruments he used, period objects, and an area dedicated to Nobel Prizes. On the ground floor, there’s a conference room decorated with Pompeian-style frescoes, and on the first floor, you’ll find the scientist’s study, the library, period furnishings, and another conference room. The second floor features Alfred Nobel’s bedroom furnished with authentic 19th-century furniture. The Villa is accessible through guided tours and public openings.

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