The Melody of Christmas in the Churches of Genoa

Churches in Music: Christmas choirs, classical music, traditional Christmas songs in the most beautiful churches of Genoa from December 2nd, 2023, to January 3rd, 2024.

Eight evenings with 35 participants in the most beautiful churches of Genoa. Among choirs, soloists, and musical groups. All concerts are free and open to all, tourists and citizens alike.

A Christmas Tradition

Churches in Music, a series of concerts organised in collaboration between the Municipality of Genoa and the Curia from December 2nd, 2023, to January 3rd, 2024, will lift hearts to fully capture the mysticism of Christmas.


Saturday, December 2nd, at 7:00pmChurch of S. M. AssuntaVia Nostra Signora Assunta, 3 Prà PalmaroConcert “Churches In Music” with the School and Musical Band of Pra’ – Carlo Colombi.

Thursday, December 7th, at 8:30pmOratory of S. Erasmo in QuintoVia S. Erasmo al Mare, 1Concert “Churches In Music” with soprano Gaziella Scovazzo, the Polyphonic Group Concentus Bracelli, guitarist Silvano Chidda, the Choir A.N.A Soreghina – Genoa Section, and the Paganini Junior Chamber Orchestra.

Saturday, December 16, at 8:45pmChurch of Sant’AnnaPiazza Sant’Anna, 8Concert “Churches In Music” with the Ghost Notes Voices Ensemble, Saint John Gospel Choir, Buggia Angels Choir, Voci sul Mare, and the Choir of Sant’Anna.

Saturday. December 16th, at 8:30pm 
Church of Santa Maria di GranaroloSalita Granarolo, 87Christmas concert by the Soreghina choir of the National Alpine Association.

Tuesday, December 19th, at 8:30pmChurch of S. Marco al MoloVia del Molo, 18Concert “Churches In Music” with Maddalena Choir, Pokrova OdV Association, and the Risveglio Mandolinist Circle.

Thursday, December 21st, at 8:30pmBasilica of Santa Maria delle VigneVico del Campanile delle Vigne, 5Concert “Churches In Music” with the Concert of the Genoese Ladies, the Amici della Montagna Choir, the Quattro Canti Choir, the Totae Pulchrae Choir, the Officina Musicale People Around, and the Monte Cauriol Choir.

Friday, December 22nd, at 8:30pmChurch of Gesu’Via di Porta Soprana, 2Concert “Churches In Music” with the Vocal Academy of Genoa.

Thursday, December 28th, at 8:30pmChurch of Nostra Signora delle ConsolazioneVia della Consolazione, 1Concert “Churches In Music” with Musichiamo Ensemble, Polyphonic Choir of the musical complex of Santo Stefano d’Aveto APS, guitarist Riccardo Guella, Monti Liguri Choir, Brinella Choir, and Genoese University Circle APS.

Wednesday, January 3rd, at 8:30pmChurch of S. Maria della CellaVia Giacomo Giovanetti, SampierdarenaConcert “Churches In Music” with the Aurelio Rossi OdV Choir & Bolzaneto 1883 Civic Band, contralto Mariangela Persano, Ebanum Quartet, Veteranova Polyphonic Choir, soprano Antonella Fontana, and the Spirituals & Folk Choir.

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