Trail Del Ciapà: 5th Edition

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, the territory of the Gulf of Diano will host the 5th edition of the Ciapà Trail. 

Trail running enthusiasts and nature lovers, get ready for a Sunday dedicated to nature in the heart of the Flower Riviera! Starting from the medieval village of Cervo, one of the most charming and picturesque in Liguria and beyond, athletes, enthusiasts, and beginners will embark on the discovery of the Ciapà Municipal Park and the hiking network inland of Diano. 

Why participate? 

In addition to the wide choice of breathtaking views and natural environments to immerse yourself in, the Ciapà Trail is the right opportunity to push your limits or try a new experience. As tradition dictates, the competition includes a non-competitive route of 9km with a positive elevation gain of 350 metres and a competitive route of 21km with a positive elevation gain of 800 metres. 

Are you a trail running veteran looking for an even more challenging experience? As a novelty in this fifth edition, you can push yourself beyond your limits on a competitive route of almost 30km with a positive elevation gain of 1150 metres. And if you want to face the Ciapà Trail with your four-legged friend, prepare shoes, a leash, and a harness and dive into one of the two routes organised by Dianese Outdoor, respectively a non-competitive 9km and a competitive 21km. 

Useful information 

To participate in the 2023 edition of the Ciapà Trail, it is first necessary to register online and pay the registration fee. The next step is to present a medical certificate of good health for non-competitive trails and a competitive sports medical certificate for competitive ones. The regulations are available on the official competition website. All routes will start from the Sports Field of Cervo: 47, Steria Street. 

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