A Breathtaking Biking Route in Portofino Park

Our meeting point was the beautiful Santa Margherita Ligure, where we met Simone, our guide from “Portofino Bike.”

After having breakfast, we began our ascent towards the trails of the Portofino Park.

We ascended along the asphalt road that passed through San Lorenzo della Costa (a hamlet of Santa Margherita) until we reached Portofino Peak. The first part of the ascent, on the north side, offered a fantastic view of the town and the sea, while the second part led us through a forest to the summit.

Once we reached the top and left the asphalt road behind, we entered the trails of Portofino Park. We followed a dirt road that traversed the entire park to Portofino. When we arrived at Pietre Strette, we could sit on the benches and refill our water bottles with the fresh water flowing from the fountain… oh, how thirsty we were!

We began our descent, crossing the junction for the Gassetta Mill, a typical refuge where we could enjoy a meal or a snack before returning to town. After passing the mill, we continued our descent, this time on a single track. As we descended, the landscape opened up, providing an incredible view of the coastline from Portofino to Santa Margherita.

After passing the Cappelletta delle Gave and following a mule track, we were treated to a breathtaking view! We could practically see the entire Eastern Riviera. Our guide explained that many years ago, there was a significant landslide in that area, and for that reason, due to the sparse vegetation, it felt like being at sea!

Upon reaching the village of Nozarego, we continued our descent to the coastal road and then returned to our starting point on the waterfront.

In Santa Margherita, we took the opportunity to savour local dishes, accompanied by delicious focaccia and a glass of local white wine. Unforgettable location, views, and cuisine!