Andora Bike

Seven years ago, I decided to return to live in Liguria, my region. A land I love and one that marked a significant turning point in my professional career.

When I began my biking career, I struggled to keep up with the leaders on descents. Fortunately, Liguria is a natural gym for mountain biking!

The trails, in most cases, are technical, steep, and rocky. It’s almost automatic to improve your riding technique here without realising it.

How can you not be fascinated by the characteristic routes with ever-changing vegetation and the transition from the coast to the mountains and back within a few dozen kilometres?

That’s why when we designed the CeleBike, the race we’ve been organising in Andora for a few years now, we aimed to create a course that represents our region well and can serve as a training ground for bikers looking to enhance their skills during the winter months.