Imperia to Limone by foot, on the ancient Salt Route

Here is a multi-day itinerary to discover our inland, our history, and the paths that, from the coast, cross the majestic Ligurian Alps on the so-called salt route. Four days immersed in nature, walking along ancient paths, crossing breathtaking and, to many, unknown landscapes.

108km, approximately 25km per day and if you are accompanied by historical and environmental guides, you can discover the history and traditions of the Ligurian Alps region in even more detail.

Here is the programme:

  • 1st day

Departure from Oneglia, Imperia. Lunch break at the Chapel of Monte Acquarone then arrival in the evening at Colle d’Oggia.

  • 2nd day

Early morning departure towards Monte Grande, the Rezzo forest, the Passo della Guardia where we highly recommend having lunch and then arriving in the late afternoon at the Realdo Refuge (managed refuge).

  • 3rd day

Departure from the Realdo Refuge heading towards the destination of Tanarello Pass, followed by Monte Saccarello (the highest peak in Liguria), Monte Missun, and Monte Bertrand, where you will have breathtaking views. Arrival in the evening at the Don Barbera Refuge (managed refuge).

  • 4th day

Early morning departure from the Don Barbera Refuge, heading towards the last picturesque stop, which, along green meadows leads to the steep descent of Vallone di S. Giovanni, from where you will finally reach the destination of… Limone!”