Kayaking between Bocca di Magra and Lerici

The itinerary starts from Bocca di Magra, near the mouth of the Magra River. After about 2km along the river, it flows into the sea where you paddle along the cliffs and beaches of Montemarcello, Fiascherino, Tellaro, with the final stretch in Lerici.

The departure from the Magra River is particularly enchanting: the river mouth, the Apuan Alps in the background, and the coastline create a wonderful frame.

The coastline is characterised by cliffs, especially as we approach Lerici, with its caves, sea stacks, and rocky coves. There are small bays with short, coarse sandy beaches, equipped and accessible. The arrival in Lerici is marked by the silhouette of the imposing Castle that overlooks this popular destination in the Gulf of Poets. Continuing to paddle, you reach San Terenzo, where you can leave the kayak on the beach or moor it in the marina to conclude the first leg of the journey.

Along the way, you can admire the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello, Vara, Magra, which preserves and enhances this area in the far eastern Liguria region.