Medieval and Mystery in Sopralacroce

Medieval and Mystery in Sopralacroce” is a grand themed festival with gastronomy, performances, music, and entertainment, along with an unmissable visit to the bell tower in the woods and the splendid church of San Martino di Licciorno. It’s an opportunity to discover these small villages that still preserve a rich heritage in culture and tradition with the rituals, scents, and flavours that will accompany these festive days.

Street performers, jugglers, medieval dances, illusionists, storytellers, workshops, a market, the “La Baciocca di Sopralacroce” show-cooking with cooking under the testo (a traditional Italian griddle), castles, and fairies enliven the village to recreate a medieval atmosphere. There will be food stands from lunchtime until the Jester’s Aperitif, leading up to the final fire show.

And then, the inevitable walk to San Martino di Licciorno, with theatrical performances in the magical atmosphere of the forest.

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