Mimose: Mountain Biking Trail in Sestri Levante

The Mimose trail offers a variety of terrain and features for mountain bikers. It starts with fast sections in the beginning, alternating with technical passages on solid sandstone rocks and a series of countless switchbacks and curves. The trail is characterised by a sandy surface that provides good grip even on wet days, and there are some short uphill sections where you can regain speed.

This trail caters to a wide range of riders’ needs. It’s beloved by cycle tourists for its beautiful scenery and the surrounding landscape. It’s equally appreciated by more competitive riders due to its length and physical demands. The trail’s level of difficulty varies depending on your riding speed. You can incorporate it into a great enduro ride with friends, with occasional stops along the way to enjoy the breathtaking views of Sestri Levante – a real treat for the eyes. It also serves as an excellent training ground, and if you ride it in one go, it becomes a highly challenging feat.

One trail, different interpretations, but they all lead to the same ending – our bikes, adventure companions, a piece of focaccia, and, why not, a beer by the sea at the Bay of Silence.