Scogli Rossi (Red Rocks) Trail

If you’re looking for a DH trail for a good workout and an adrenaline rush, you absolutely must try this trail.

There’s a reason why every year many pro riders, especially the French, come here to test bikes and components. In fact, you might even be lucky enough to see riders of the caliber of Nicolas Vouilloz and Fabien Barel, to name a few.

The trail starts from the road that leads from San Romolo to Baiardo, and since it has the lowest starting point compared to Monte Bignone, you can ride it almost all year round.

The scenery is not exactly what you’d expect to find in Liguria; it feels more like you’re in the mountains. But it’s this variety of landscapes and views that makes Liguria a unique place for bikers, especially when you consider that you can enjoy a post-ride beer by the sea!

Scogli Rossi is a DH trail, doable with an enduro or freeride bike, but to fully enjoy it, I recommend a well-functioning dual suspension.

The first part, fast and fun, quickly gives way to a steep section with technical passages on rocks and a respectable road gap. Then there are more fast sections and very challenging curves, leading to the toughest section where finding the right line will be crucial to navigate through changes in slope, steep sections, and parts eroded by water.

Scogli Rossi is not a trail for beginners: you’ll need speed, good riding and jumping skills, but completing it is a great satisfaction, and fun and adrenaline are guaranteed!