TOP Diving

It is here, in the Gulf of Paradiso between Nervi and Camogli, that the “father” of scuba diving, Duilio Marcante, made his first instructional and sport dives in the late 1940s. And it is here, on the seabed of San Fruttuoso di Camogli, that you can find the Christ of the Abyss: a symbol and protector of divers. Diving centres are well-distributed along the entire Ligurian coastline, allowing divers to explore various points in Liguria.

Equipped boats and rental gear are top-of-the-line, ensuring safety and enjoyment for visitors. In Liguria, you can enjoy scuba diving in various types of underwater environments, including steep walls, shallows, small caves, and wrecks. Divers can choose to go on guided dives, full-day excursions with lunch and snacks on board, and even night dives, while learning decompression techniques for those who are less experienced.

A significant advantage is the Marine Protected Areas: the Portofino Marine Park, with numerous dive sites to explore seabeds populated with gorgonians, red corals, and sponges, the Cinque Terre Marine Park with rare black coral and ancient Posidonia meadows, the Gallinara Island, and the Bergeggi Island. A special mention goes to the many wrecks scattered on the Ligurian seabeds, most of which are located at depths exceeding 40 meters and are reserved for expert technical divers.