TOP From Sestri Levante to Punta Manara

The journey begins on Via XXV Aprile from the main Carrugio, a narrow street, typical in Liguria that runs parallel to the sea, flanked on the left by the Baia del Silenzio (Bay of Silence) and on the right by the Baia delle Favole (Bay of Fairytales).

From here, by following the street on the left, you’ll cross Vico del Bottone from where the trail to Punta Manara begins. Enter the trail, after a not-so-long staircase through the historic centre houses, take a turn and there it is, an incredible panorama: the Sestri Levante peninsula; with its strip of houses in the historic centre and the two bays. It’s an explosion of colours and silence where you can’t help but perch on the various benches along the trail to contemplate the view and enjoy the tranquility. “Enjoy the silence”, as a famous song says.

Continuing on the path, above the sea, surrounded by typical Mediterranean nature with the scents of rosemary and broom, in about an hour you will reach Punta Manara. It’s a relatively easy walk. There is also a bivouac at this point, great for a possible overnight stay where you can enjoy a beautiful view. On one side sits Sestri Levante with its peninsula, where on the other is Riva, a small hamlet of Sestri, which also has small beaches. If you wish, you can continue the trail downhill towards Riva and reach the village or you can turn back on the path you took to return to the starting point, from Vico del Bottone.

At this point after the hike you can decide, unrushed, where to get ice cream among the many renowned ice cream parlors in the city. Never resist temptations…