TOP Kayaking

The entire coast offers incredibly beautiful views and landing points practically everywhere. Many sports associations provide services for kayakers and those who love to discover the secrets of the sea in an entirely eco-friendly way. In many of these landing spots, there are expert guides in marine environmental issues who can explain the unique features and satisfy every curiosity.

On every beach, there is a sports centre to provide logistical support, equipment, or simply a place to relax on a sun lounger after paddling. Canoes, kayaks, and even stand-up paddleboards (SUP) often serve as the perfect means to reach the most remote corners where other boats cannot go; especially in protected areas such as marine parks, like the Cinque Terre or in front of the Portofino area, as well as around the Gallinara Island or Bergeggi. Then there’s the Palmaria archipelago with the islets of Tino and Tinetto, a must-visit for kayaking enthusiasts.

There’s also a climatic element that makes kayaking unique: in Liguria, you can go out to sea in every season thanks to the mild climate which always maintains acceptable temperatures.