TOP Surf Spots in Liguria

Today, the most famous spots are Levanto and Sanremo. One to the east, near the Cinque Terre, and the other to the west: both are ideal for surfers and share very similar characteristics. Sanremo has become a must, particularly due to the presence of the Tre Ponti beach. In the spectacular gulf of Levanto, the “Casinò line-up” is famous, the exact point where surfers wait for the waves, ready for various maneuvers.

In recent years, thanks to the emergence of many associations of enthusiasts, the offering has expanded to other spots: Bogliasco, just a stone’s throw from Genoa, where the Italian surf movement began in the 1980s; Recco with spots directly on Recco’s beach; Lerici, perfect when Libeccio swells arrive; Ventimiglia, in the Le Calandre area, frequented by experienced surfers.

The best period? It runs from October to April when there are swells, and the mild climate allows surfing without the chattering of teeth. Much space is also dedicated to competitions, and specialised surf shops are not lacking the necessary equipment.