Six Ideas for Father’s Day in Liguria

Father's Day in Liguria arrives when spring has already blossomed on the hills: it's one of the first moments to celebrate the end of winter.

Throughout Liguria, on March 19th, San Giuseppe is celebrated: some cities, like La Spezia, celebrate their patron saint, while in others, tradition involves lighting bonfires and then dancing and singing around the fire: once upon a time, with the arrival of the good weather, people would leave the fields and head to the sea for fishing. For everyone, it's a great opportunity to spend joyful hours together as a family. Here are some ideas!

Discover, try and play in Genova

Genoa is a city for curious children and enterprising dads: its ancient symbol, the Lantern of Genoa, hosts a very interesting museum, with an illustrated story of the Lantern's history. You can also climb to the first panoramic terrace of the tower to admire Genoa like a seasoned sailor. Then there's a place where even dads become children again...: the Genoa Aquarium! Just wander among the tanks and rooms to learn all about the life of fish, such as the cardinal fish that holds the female's eggs in its mouth for about 25 days until hatching: what a good dad! The new room dedicated to the Ligurian Marine Protected Areas has just been inaugurated, which will carry out research and conservation collaborations, as well as awareness-raising and information actions for the protection of biodiversity. Four tanks with numerous species, as well as an underwater webcam to virtually immerse yourself in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Bergeggi Island. The Children's City at the Cotton Warehouses of the Old Port is instead all about discovery: it is an exhibition path that uses the 5 senses to transmit knowledge and have fun, a real journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world through direct experience. At Casa Luzzati, you dive into the world and work of Emanuele Luzzati, from animation cinema, to illustration, theater, graphics, design, to the work of other protagonists of the '900 culture, in meetings and exhibitions coordinated by the Lele Luzzati Foundation.

Adventure Park

Launching together and safely like climbing barons, suspended among the trees. Nothing beats a bit of adrenaline for a Sunday together. In Genoa, there's the Righi Adventure Park, just a few minutes from the city center: many suspended courses among the trees, in maximum safety conditions, in an idyllic environment not far from the Walls Park. In La Spezia, the Val di Vara Adventure Park is only 30 minutes from the sea of Sestri Levante: in a beautiful centuries-old forest of holm oaks, cedars, red firs, and oaks, surrounded by lush meadows, with a 250-meter single-span cable car, it is the longest in Italy from tree to tree. In the heart of the Ligurian Alps is the Mendatica Adventure Park: bridges and walkways, nets, tunnels, and obstacles of all kinds suspended up to 12 meters high are the mix for guaranteed fun, which also allows you to test your agility in the name of nature and the spirit of exploration.

Frittelle of San Giuseppe

As you know, celebrations make you hungry. In many homes in Genoa on March 19th, people gather around the frying pan: that's where the frisceu, the Saint Joseph's Fritters, are prepared. It's a cheerful moment, part of Father's Day, and immediately attracts all the sweet tooths in the house. The recipe is very simple and can be prepared together, although the final frying requires an expert hand. Ingredients: 500g of flour, 100g of sugar, 200g of raisins, 3 eggs, 2 glasses of milk, 20g of brewer's yeast, salt, water, olive oil, powdered sugar. Preparation: Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Place the flour in a bowl and a part of the milk, use the other part to dissolve the yeast in warm milk, then add this second part; add the egg yolks, salt, soaked raisins in warm water, mix everything well to create a soft dough, cover and let it rise for 1 hour. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form and gently fold into the dough. Fry in hot oil. Drain on paper towels and dust with powdered sugar.

The Milan – Sanremo and the Father's Day tradition

The Classicissima, the Milan-Sanremo, the race that has always opened the international cycling season, is always held, as tradition dictates, on the Saturday around March 18th, Father's Day. While many places in Liguria are crossed by the race, there is one in particular where you can take your child to see the race pass by: the Madonna della Guardia on the Poggio di Sanremo. It is there that the Milan-Sanremo race is often decided, after almost 300 km and with the final descent towards the finish line on via Roma. The beauty lies not only in the passage of the race but also in its anticipation and the whole world of enthusiasts and fans who gather on the Poggio to talk about sports and enjoy the sun. And if you decide to go by bike to emulate the champions, the excitement is guaranteed!

The San Giuseppe fair in La Spezia

For three days, the center of La Spezia will belong to children and their dads: colorful stalls, sweet cotton candy, games, and amusements. A fair like no other in Liguria, the great San Giuseppe Fair of La Spezia. The focal point of the fair is Viale Mazzini, but the stalls will also be set up in Via Don Minzoni, Viale Italia, Piazza Europa, and the elegant Morin promenade, from where you can see the gulf. There are many stands for the sweet-toothed, with a suggestive sweet and savory street food based on delicacies including the famous San Giuseppe fritters. Its origin is ancient: already in the distant 1653, for the feast day of San Giuseppe, patron saint of the city, dozens and dozens of traveling merchants converged on the Gulf of Poets. Back then, they brought products from the hinterland: oil, wine, vegetables, wooden carvings, and iron-forged objects. The tradition has endured, and over the years, it has become consolidated.

In search of the Sword in the Stone

Do you remember the story of King Arthur and his sword in the stone? There's nothing better than searching for it together with dad. In Liguria, you can find not one but two swords in the stone: on Mount Gifarco in Fontanigorda in Val Trebbia, and in Murialdo in the Val Bormida region of Savona. To reach Mount Gifarco, you can start from the beautiful Forest of the Fairies in Fontanigorda and follow a clean and well-equipped path. In Murialdo, the sword is not far from the Castle of Carretto, in a very beautiful path suitable for families. Dedicated to dads who love nature and children who love to listen to fairy tales.

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