Aveto Regional Natural Park – The Trails

Aveto Regional Natural Park – The Trails

The most mountainous area is a paradise for trekkers, mountain bikers and horsewatchers - Beyond the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, which crosses the entire width of the territory, there are other important routes for exploring and getting to know the Park. These are the many routes that characterise the park, an ideal destination for those who love trekking and mountain biking. Every season is ideal, although there are certain times of the year with particular appeal, such as autumn when the park becomes a paradise for mushroom hunters and foliage enthusiasts: the colours of the forests change hues and become exhilarating. In summer, it is the ideal place to escape the heatwave.

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The Aveto and Fontanabuona valleys are known for the cultivation of the Patata Quarantina, a variety of tuber suited to short cultivation cycles

The Great Crossing

This is an itinerary for expert walkers (duration 8 hours) characterised by a great variety of environments and landscapes. The dominant element of this trail is water, which is present in abundance. The first encounter is with the Giacopiane Lakes. On the Po side, near Lame Lake, is the impressive 'rock waterfall', a moraine formation left over from the last glaciation.

In the Aveto Park, Autumn is one of the most fascinating seasons, because of the colors of the foliage, which transforms the Aveto forests into a paradise for photographers

The wild horses of Aveto

The herds in the Aveto park are the legacy of abandoned domestic horses that remained in the wild, adapting perfectly to their territory and reproducing freely without any contact with man. They represent a unique and valuable natural resource in Italy. Almost every weekend of the year it is possible to participate in horsewatching, accompanied by specialised guides to admire the herds in the wild.

A chairlift leads from Rocca d'Aveto to Prato della Cipolla: when weather and snow conditions allow it, you can reach the summit of Monte Bue and ski.

Between forests and glacial lakes

One of the best known destinations in the Aveto Valley is the Lame Lake, a small body of water of glacial origin with a characteristic colouration between blue and green that makes it a somewhat enchanted place. The Lame Lake is one of the very few lakes of glacial origin in Liguria. Other glacial lakes are those of the Agoraie.

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