Aveto Regional Natural Park – The Villages

Aveto Regional Natural Park – The Villages

Five villages, dozens of hamlets: the Aveto territory is waiting to be discovered - Being in the mountains and a few dozen kilometres from the sea makes discovering the Aveto Park and its villages even more intriguing. The village that gives its name to the area is Santo Stefano d'Aveto, in the centre of an alpine basin: an Orange Flag village, it is characterised by the presence of the castle, which can now be visited, built in 1164 by the Malaspina family to guard the pass towards the Po Valley. Also worth seeing is the only sanctuary in Italy dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. For gourmets, the locals offer menus based on mushrooms and San Stè cheese. The 'sarassu', salted ricotta cheese is worth a try.

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IAT Parco dell'Aveto: Via Marrè 75A, 16041 Borzonasca

Tel: 0185.340311

Email: info@parcoaveto.it

IAT Valli del Parco dell'Aveto: Via Vittorio Veneto 13, 16041 Borzonasca

Tel: 334 61 17 354 - 334 95 75 893

Email: info@unamontagnadiaccoglienza.it

IAT Santo Stefano d'Aveto: P.za del Popolo 6, 16049 S. Stefano d'Aveto

Tel: +39 0185 88 046

Email: turismo@comune.santostefanodaveto.ge.it

IAT Rezzoaglio: Via Roma 20, 16048 Rezzoaglio

Tel: 0185 86 606 (apertura estiva)

Email: rezzoaglio.iat@gmail.com

The main town houses the Museum of the Forest dedicated to the forests of the Park.

The Rezzoaglio feud

Long a feud of the Della Cella family, Rezzoaglio is the town of cheese factories and commercial vocation. Not to be missed is the ancient village of Ventarola, at the confluence of Rio Liciorno and Rio Ventarola. It represents one of the most significant historical architectural sites in the Val d'Aveto thanks to its stone buildings, elaborately shaped portals, arches and vaults. The main town houses the Museum of the Forest dedicated to the forests of the Park.

The Megalithic Face of Borzone depicts a human face carved in rock, measuring approximately 7 metres high and 4 metres wide

The Borzone Abbey

In the territory of Borzonasca is the famous Borzone Abbey, in the centre of a natural amphitheatre, with a bell tower, the remains of the cloister and the buildings of Case Araxi. Visiting the Abbey will suddenly take you back to the heart of the Middle Ages, as well as discovering another mysterious monument not far away, identifiable when observing the fortress of Borzone from a distance: the 'Great Megalithic Face', carved into the rock.

The Graveglia Valley is a geological heritage of considerable scientific, natural and economic interest. Here it is possible to observe geological, mineralogical, geomorphological and karstological peculiarities.

The Gambatesa Mine

Ne, a village in the park and the capital of Val Graveglia, is home to Europe's largest manganese mine, active from 1876 until 2011. Today, the mine is a museum and one of the most important tourist attractions in eastern Liguria. Today, the mine is a major tourist and scientific attraction.

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