Spring in Portofino Park

Excursions in the Portofino area, this Spring 2024:

The guided activity involves reaching the so-called Via dei Tubi, which follows the route of the old aqueduct of Camogli, in the Batterie area. From here, you will walk along the aqueduct route, following the pipe that once carried drinking water to the town of Camogli. It’s a very panoramic itinerary of historical-cultural as well as naturalistic interest, developed along technical paths equipped with handrails and involving the crossing of some unlit galleries.

Land and Sea

Saturday, May 18th, “Between Land and Sea” excursion to San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte. Along some of the most beautiful trails of the Park along the eastern and southern slopes, amidst crops, aromas of typical Mediterranean vegetation, and breathtaking views, you’ll reach the inlet of San Fruttuoso. Once in San Fruttuoso, you’ll have the opportunity to independently visit the beautiful Abbey, property of FAI (Italian Environment Fund). The return journey can be done independently, on foot (the guide will provide useful directions for completing a loop or returning along the same path) or by regular boat to Camogli or tourist boat. Meeting with the guide in Santa Margherita in front of the port at 9am.

Between History and Nature

Saturday, May 25th, guided trekking in the heart of the Park to Battery Chiappa and New Semaphore. This is one of the most fascinating itineraries of the area, offering panoramic views of the sea and the coast: a path rich in points of interest but also requiring a lot of attention. The area called “Batterie” gets its name from the presence of anti-aircraft batteries. Bunkers built during World War II that have recently been restored by the Liguria Region and the Portofino Park Authority. The old building, which during the war was used as a Guard House, has been renovated. Today it has become the Visitor Centre housing some multimedia stations through which you can virtually retrace the historical memory linked to those war years.


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