Spring Rolli Days

The Spring Rolli Days, scheduled for May 17th – 18th and 19th, 2024, featuring the Palaces of Genoa UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Rolli Days offer a unique opportunity to admire the heritage of the Genoa Rolli Palaces, recognised in 2006 as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In spring, the light enhances the colours of Genoa and highlights its contrasts: such as the noble residences next to the “caruggi,” the alleys “where the sun of the good god does not shine its rays,” as sung by Fabrizio De Andrè.

The Event

Three days of tours, extraordinary openings, discoveries, and beauty accompanied by Scientific Communicators who will guide visitors to explore monumental architectures, decorations and immortal masterpieces in a surprising city that has been a popular destination for artists during the golden centuries of the modern age.

Rolli Days Winter edition 2024
Rolli Days Winter edition 2024

The Rolli Palaces

In 1576, the Republic of Genoa established an official list (later called Rolli, hence the Rolli Palaces) of prestigious palaces, obliging their owners to host, in turn, state visits. Depending on the rank of the visiting guest, a palace was chosen to host them: the higher the guest’s nobility rank, the more splendid the palace had to be. The Rolli system became a housing model for nobility throughout Europe. The Rolli system consists of over 100 noble residences, with 42 included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Located in the heart of the city, these ancient aristocratic palaces preserve priceless works: evocative architectures, courtyards, gardens, statues, galleries, and splendid frescoed ceilings by the greatest painters of the time.

The list of visitable Rolli palaces and the procedures are published on: https://landing.visitgenoa.it

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