Following the canestrello: the hole with the cake around it

Trip to the Trebbia Valley which, according to Hemingway, is the most beautiful in the world. More than a cake, the canestrello represents one of the gastronomic flagships of Liguria. It is produced in the best bakeries in the province of Genoa but was born five centuries ago in Torriglia. And it is here - in the enchanting village of the Trebbia Valley, a point of passage along the trade route - that, from the Middle Ages to the present day, the canestrello connected the Po Valley to the sea. Let's follow this mouth-watering itinerary.

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In Torriglia

It is the country of canestrelli par exCelle townnce. It can be reached from Genoa by following the Val Trebbia state road 45, which starts approximately at the Genova Est motorway exit. In the village, under the majestic Fieschi castle, there are half a dozen pastry shops and grocery shops. Each offers its own canestrello formula: all delicious, rich and mouth-watering. Once you tasted canestrelli, you can immerse yourself in the greenery of the valley, in the centre of the Antola park, for an exciting experience for trekking lovers, and for those who want to breathe clean air, go trout fishing or savour genuine flavours.

Montebruno Da Carlo

Leave Torriglia and continue inland, along state road 45, to Montebruno, where the passion and secrets of Master Baker Carlo have been jealously handed down in the Barbieri family since 1886. The Antico Forno a Legna da Carlo continues to keep the taste of tradition alive, drawing on the vast heritage of raw materials from the Ligurian land. Unmissable canestrelli.

Biasotti in Rovegno

The third stage is on the border with the province of Piacenza. Driving along the state road, you will reach in Rovegno: here, the Biasotti confectionery has its own canestrello formula, and among the uniqueness of the area is the

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