From Porto Venere to the island

Nothing is random in Porto Venere. Starting with the toponymy, which indicates that you have entered beauty. Porto Venere is synonymous with romance and it is no coincidence that in the 19th century, English Romantic poets chose this place as their home and as a source of inspiration for their poems. If you want to experience a love affair or convince your partner to say yes to you, for a night or for life, try stopping by.

A unique skyline

The first thing that jumps out at you, as you leave the car, is the wonderful view of the pile of houses: the one that appears in all the photos. It is impossible not to remain speechless in front of the narrow, vertical, colourful houses overlooking the sea, creating a kind of marvellous barrier.

Church of San Pietro and the temple that is not there

Walk through the village - amidst peculiar shops and boutiques - and reach the ancient Church of San Pietro, built on the rock overlooking the promontory of the Bocche di Porto Venere, which is a must-see: an example of Genoese Gothic style also mentioned in a poem by Nobel prize winner Eugenio Montale. This is the oldest point on this gem of the East Coast Riviera, where once stood the pagan temple dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love, after whom Portus Veneris was named.

To the island of Palmaria

Leaving the village, one reaches the docks, from where boats depart for the island of Palmaria. Especially during summer when it gets pretty hot, even if fortunately the wind mitigates the hot temperature, it is worth setting out from Porto Venere nice and early. Here, you can visit the island by following its pathways for a couple of hours or so, to then savour a refreshing swim.

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