The Poets’ Walk

From the Nervi marina - recently renovated with the creation of a small amphitheatre on the sea and full of small places offering focaccia with cheese, cocktails and fried food - to Capolungo, a seaside village that is the last inhabited centre of Genoa to the east, you will find the fantastic and romantic Anita Garibaldi seaside promenade. Certainly, for those on holiday in Genoa, this is one of the most popular sea-view itineraries.

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From the marina

The village of Nervi overlooks a cliff along which runs a charming and romantic promenade named after Anita Garibaldi: two kilometres of terrace overlooking the sea, between the parks and the rocks, that will make it impossible not to fall in love with the Genoese sunsets. At the start of the route, there is an impressive view of the characteristic Nervi marina and a view of the Portofino Promontory, while on a clear day it is possible to catch a glimpse of the outline of Corsica.

Towers and cliffs

It seems that a modest footpath existed as early as 1823 and was mainly used by local fishermen or farmers reaching the extensive farmland bordering the sea at the time. The current promenade is famous for its splendid panoramic views of the cliffs and the Portofino promontory. Along the way, one immediately comes across the Gropallo Tower, once known as the Hay Tower and dating back to the mid-16th century. In the background is the famous Nervi cliff, which will accompany you along the way, with many accesses to the sea and a beautiful, recently restored swimming pool.

Capolungo and Bocca di Rosa

At the end of the promenade is the seaside village of Capolungo, with its sheltered and beautiful beach. However, surprises are not over yet, because a short climb leads to the old station, now disused, of Sant'Ilario, made immortal by Fabrizio De Andrè's ballad

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