Villages and canyoning in the Ligurian Alps Park

With its mountains overlooking the sea, narrow valleys and often impetuous watercourses, in recent years Liguria turned out to be a true paradise for canyoneers. Of course, it is an undoubtedly adrenalin-pumping way to move through the territory, one must be prepared, sufficiently trained and never reckless. But it is worth it, especially if you are in the vicinity of the Ligurian Alps Park, from where you can descent the Nervia Valley along the Rio Barbaira, Gole di Buggio, Rio Grognardo and Rio Santa Lucia.

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Nervia Valley

To reach the Nervia Valley, with its rock villages as Sir Hanbury called them, you can exit at the Bordighera town tollgate along the A10 and follow the Nervia Valley provincial road. If you do not have a car, you can use Riviera Trasporti buses, departing from Ventimiglia.


On the way, you pass Dolceacqua, the symbolic village of Liguria, with its Romanesque bridge, castle, and narrow streets in the historic centre. Not far away, on the left bank of the Nervia stream, stand Pigna, Apricale and Perinaldo, which all are worth a visit.

Rocchetta Nervina

Arriving in Rocchetta Nervina, the waterways also become protagonists with the famous small lakes of Rocchetta, offering a valid alternative to swimming in the sea. Refreshing pools are located close to the village.

Path to Ponte Cin

From Rocchetta's main square, head for the path leading to Ponte Cin;this is where regulated canyoning begins: breathtaking descents, dives and water slides in safety, accompanied by a guide and equipped with the necessary equipment (helmet, wetsuit). The trip takes about 5-6 hours (1 hour walk up, river descent, return);the activity can also be enjoyed by children from 10-12 years of age.

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