Amid scents of lavender and centuries-old olive trees

If the world is rushing by, but you want to slow down ... if you are looking for simple and true things;if you want to regain your strength and take a journey of physical and mental wellbeing, this corner of the Imperia town hinterland is the right place for you. The itinerary will take you along roads less travelled, to discover an unusual and authentic land, far from chaos.

From Col di Nava to Chiusavecchia

Therefore, choose State Road 28. You will find yourself crossing the Col di Nava, which has always been an important crossroads between Piedmont and Liguria. It is the home of the historic Coldinava Lavender. If you are lucky enough to be here from May to August, you will find yourself immersed in an expanse of violets: you can sharpen your senses by inebriating yourself with the scent of lavender that pervades everything. The rest of the year is no less beautiful here, with the road running through forests, nature, villages and wild landscapes.

Climbing among the olive trees

Go past Pieve di Teco and from Chiusavecchia, ascending towards Lucinasco, slowly free your mind, relax in a landscape of dry stone walls that have supported Taggiasca olive trees for centuries. They produce a delicious oil. Many local companies are specialising in the use of olive oil in cosmetics: creams and ointments that make the skin smooth and soft in a natural way. They are all cuddles for you.

Energy, the church and the forest

Lucinasco, at 500 metres above sea level, is the village of light. Breathe deeply and enjoy the 360-degree panorama: mountains, valleys and sea. In this small place, you can find true regeneration: bioenergetic meetings, tree hugging and then relaxation, slow rhythms, genuine products and smiles. Also open on Sundays is the delightful Lazzaro Acquarone Museum of Peasant Culture, to discover the times when life was regulated by the rhythms of nature.

The church and the forest

Then take a walk: pass the pond with the scenic weeping willow and arrive at the 15th-century church in La Maddalena, surrounded by woods and filled with a special energy. The light, the smells, the stones will bring you back to an atavistic dimension, in close contact with your deepest self, giving peace to the most restless heart.

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