Between dolphins and whales

In the heart of Genoa, in front of its sea and harbour, you can take part in a double dream itinerary: visiting Europe's most famous Aquarium with its tanks and guests (not only aquatic) and then boarding on a boat to participate in a whale watching excursion. Here you can admire the cetaceans, dolphins, stingrays, whales, right in the middle of the sea. This is a dream that can easily come true.

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From the old port

It starts from the old port, in the centre of Genoa. The building housing the Aquarium, designed by Renzo Piano, emerges in the middle of a large pier. Here you can start your visit to the Aquarium of Genoa, a fantastic and unforgettable place for children. The tour is structured on two levels to allow the public to admire the animals both from above and from an underwater perspective. Each tank is beautiful, but some are truly exceptional, such as the jellyfish, dolphin, shark and tactile tanks on the ground floor. And what about seals and penguins? The visit takes about two to three hours. In the Aquarium there are some 12,000 animals.

Loitering on the pontoons

When you exit the Aquarium, you will find yourself by the sea and along the wharf named after Fabrizio De André. If you look around, you will find boats for marine excursions, including those dedicated to whale watching. But before getting onboard, proceed along the pier and arrive at the island of barges: a floating pier built on top of ancient barges, from which you can admire Genoa as you have never seen it.

All aboard

The third stop is on board, with an excursion to the heart of the 'Cetacean Sanctuary'. It is suitable for audiences of all ages and aims to research and observe the 8 cetacean species that inhabit the marine area established by Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco. A biologist is always on board the boat to comment on sightings, provide information and trivia, and collect important scientific data for research.

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